Mattress Recycling

We partner with organizations dedicated to mattress recycling, ensuring that old mattresses are diverted from landfills and transformed into valuable materials.

Eco-friendly Products

Recycled Steel Coils: Our mattresses feature innersprings crafted from up to 95% recycled steel, reducing our demand for virgin materials. Sustainably Sourced Wood: We use wood from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring responsible forestry practices.

Reduced Water Usage: Our manufacturing processes prioritize water conservation, decreasing our environmental footprint. Bio-Based Foams: We incorporate plant-based materials into our foams, lessening our reliance on petroleum-based products.

Responsible Operations

We prioritize energy conservation in our facilities, utilize water-saving technologies, and implement comprehensive waste diversion programs to minimize our impact on the environment. Efficient Distribution Our network of strategically located facilities optimizes transportation routes, reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.